A book is almost here!

First 3 copies of TIL arrived. Ships January 8th.
Happy author. Photo by kender

Llewellyn sent out the first books. I did a thing, I wrote a book. I’m so excited. So, I had kender record this quick unboxing/reaction video for you all. As you can see… much squeeing to be had.

The box contained a letter from my editor, three copies of the book, and 6 un-bound covers (the cover is so amazing). I’m going to get one of those framed and maybe use the other flats as give-aways? I have no idea what to do with them. If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

Watch it! Share it! Get hyped, because January 8 is sooooner than I think. Pre-order your copy now from amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Llewellyn, and Powell’s Books. (Google play link forthcoming.)

A glimpse inside TIL
A glimpse inside. Photo by kender.

I’ve been showing one copy off to anyone I see. I sorta wanna do the flavor flav thing and hang the book on a chain and wear it everywhere. Everyone says it’s TOO HEAVY… whatevs… I’m excited.

A quick note about the TIL site. I’ve been busy working on various downloads for everyone to enjoy once the book gets released. Come back soon to see what I have in store!