Readers Corner: Kathleen Gubitosi

The NorthWest Tarot Symposium was a fantastic experience. I had many friends come up to me and give me feedback on both the Triple Goddess Tarot and Tarot Inspired Life. I even signed a few copies. One of my friends, Kathleen Gubitosi, had this beautiful story to share:

If you are looking to deepen your personal connection to the cards, Jaymi Elford’s Tarot Inspired Life will take you there! The beauty of Tarot Inspired Life is Jaymi’s ability to guide the reader to their own conclusions, strengthening their relationship with the cards and cementing that alignment using the reader’s unique view of the world.

Many tarot books tell you what the cards mean, and Tarot Inspired Life guides the reader in building their personal tarot vocabulary by making friends with your deck through meaningful activities that link together different parts of the reader’s everyday life. 

This book is so well-loved by readers that I loaned it to a friend, who told me it was wonderful and then never returned it!

Kathleen Gubitosi
Voice Strategist, Voice Painting with Tarot