Readers Corner: Kate Mura

Back in January, I attended STAARCon and through the virtual conference, I met a vibrant, bubbly reader named Kate. She lead a fantastic class and even offered to teach me how to do make-up for zoom readings and events (she has a theatrical background and incorporates the cards into some of her shows. Totally cool!). With her help, she changed how I wear my makeup! Kate recently read Tarot Inspired Life and had this to say about it:

I had the pleasure of meeting the author Jaymi Elford at StaarCon 2020.

When I learned she had a book coming out and was presenting at LlwellynCon, she’s literally the only reason why I attended virtually. I have opinions but they’re not pertinent to this book review, so I’ll hold them to myself.

I adored this book.

I love that she encourages the reader to form their own opinions, listen to their own intuition, journal to track their own personal experiences and messages from the cards, rather than say, “this is what the Eight of Swords means.”

Don’t get me wrong, the information in the LWB is super important and I adore ones that go in depth with the writer/illustrators insights and intentions.

However, their insight is not better than yours – where ever you are on your tarot journey – no more than your insight being better than theirs. Different people and different given circumstances will inform which – or both! – is most potent/appropriate.

Jaymi’s writing style is clear, articulate, and full of nuggets for the newb and the pro – I’ve been reading & studying for over 20 years and she has an exercise that I can’t wait to try with Cade Burkhammer’s Wise Fool Tarot.

She manages to instill equal weight and importance on study, curiosity, and intuition, like WFT’s illustration of The Heirophant sitting on top of volumes of all the world’s sacred texts wearing an anarchy shirt. 

I highly recommend this book for Tarot lovers where ever you are on your Tarot journey.

Kate Mura ::

I highly recommend you go check Kate’s tarot-focused site out and see what she’s offering. She also has a cool touring purple bus!