Keeping a Disc-bound Tarot PDA

I’ve already shared one version of a tarot journal, an artistic altered book variety. This post describes a secondary journal style, using a disc-bound notebook. Disc-bound notebooks are more flexible than regular 3-ring binders because you can easily rearrange and remove sheets. They’re quite addictive, *ahem*.

Cover of My disc-bound Tarot PDA

I keep many disc-bound notebooks. One for my writing life; one for my adventures in role playing campaigns; and two for tarot: one for my Tarot PDA, and another which is more of a mobile pathworking book.

In this post, I’ll take you through the archival Tarot PDA book. This is a large letter size journal, bound in a custom leather cover made by my friends at Innovative Journaling so it also includes a handy pen loop.

This behemoth has the following sections:

Card Study

I printed out pages from the downloadable Tarot PDF found on this site. I keep notes about what the core meanings of each card, their keywords, and symbols mean to me. I made tabs so I can find each division quickly (major, swords, cups, pentacles).


I keep pages full of whole tarot-philosophy here, like color, numerology, etc.

A sample of the organization in my disc-bound PDA.


This section includes printouts from rituals I’ve performed. Both the ritual and my card notes appear on each pages. I perform rituals to honor the lunar and seasonal cycles, and the witchy wheel of the year. Not all the rituals I use are ones I’ve created.

Advanced Items

This area contains cross-over topics like astrology, alchemy, and Qabalah. I find understanding some of these subjects helpful in a well-rounded tarot study.

Pocket Folder and Blank Pages

At the end of every disc-bound book I make, I keep a file folder to hold handouts or other loose papers. It also creates a division between pages filled with information and blank sheets for later use. It’s never fun when you run out of paper while you’re in the middle of a good creation session.

Intrigued to create your own disc-bound system? You can find Letter sized supplies at Levenger, Staples, and Office Max/Office Depot. If you find yourself enjoying the disc-bound experience I suggest, no implore you, to get a disc-bond paper punch. This way you can print your own pages and add them into your own books. It makes creating books much more fun.

Have you tried the disc-bound system? Share your creations with me, I’d love to see what you made!