Happy Book Birthday

Happy birthday TIL!
(yes, the cuppycake was delicious)

Today is the release date (aka book birthday) for Tarot Inspired Life. I am so thrilled for the book to be officially released out to the world. It’s my hope that everyone who reads TIL take the information from the book and apply it to their own life. Really use the book: take what I wrote and make it yours.

Numerology is an important component for tarot. Many readers use dates to create birth and soul cards to deduce the energies for themselves, partners, or even years!

If we add up today’s date: 08 + 01 +2019 we get 2028. Adding each of these numbers together we get 12, or further reduced to 3. These numbers match 2 very important major arcana cards in tarot: The Hanged Man and The Empress. Both happen to be my own personal birth cards. Knowing this synchronicity puts a big smile on my face.

The Hanged Man from the Triple Goddess Tarot
The Hanged Man from
the Triple Goddess Tarot

The Hanged Man is a card of sacrifice and new perspectives. I always think about the story of Odin in this card. He sacrificed part of himself, to himself, in order to gain wisdom and knowledge to help his people. For me, this is important advice for TIL. The sacrifice is two-fold. I spent a lot of time working with this material, polishing it so a large audience could enjoy it. The other sacrifice is that not everyone will enjoy what I’ve written. I don’t expect everyone will love the book. It’s an author’s hope, but I know we interpret written words differently. However, the perspectives I put into the book will broaden the lives and tarot experience to those who’ve read it. Which is basically what I want the book to do.

The Empress from the Triple Goddess Tarot
The Empress from
the Triple Goddess Tarot

The Empress is all about abundance and creativity. It feels so good to have this book out into the world. TIL reflects my approach to tarot from the first 20 years of learning the cards and integrating them into my life. The book itself is abundantly available all over the world! Many stores carry it (and libraries, ask your local library to carry it). Thanks to technology, it’s available in three formats (trade paperback, Kindle, and ePub). I’m excited and very thankful to Llewellyn for giving me this opportunity to get my thoughts out to you all.

This book, my child, is my gift to you all. Use it, learn from it, and all it to transform your life. And if you use it, tell me. I’d love to know how you’re transforming this work to fit your spirituality.