Tarot Blog Hop: Yule

by innowen on December 21, 2012

Happy Yule! Nice to see everyone’s doing okay after the alpacalypse. :) This is the last blog hop of the year. Yule (also the Winter Solstice) brings about the shortest day of the year. This is a time when we’re taught to look within and find the light that can sustain us while the sun grows brighter. We huddle around the fire and share our gifts and stories and presents. This blog hop is wrangled by Alison Cross and I welcome everyone who joined in from Alison Coal’s blog.

Alison Cross asked us to write our thoughts about Christmas Present, in whatever incarnation we think Present means. In my personal winter tradition, I’ve been sick so it’s been hard to figure out what “Christmas Present” means to me. So I decided to see what the tarot had to say for me.

I pulled out my trusty tarot deck and asked the cards, What does Christmas Present mean to me? And wouldn’t you know it, two cards fell out while I shuffled: the Knight of Cups and The Chariot.

On the traditional Rider Waite Smith card, the Knight of Cups holds out a cup, almost like he’s extending a present to another. When we give of ourselves or give things to others, we are learning to control and deal with emotions. Therefore, Christmas Present for me is showing love towards others as I want to be loved by them or by myself.

The Chariot, like the knight, is a fast moving card. Both cards are actively seeking out a perspective of learning or doing. Where the Knight of Cups seeks to master emotions through sharing gifts, The Chariot seeks the greater understanding found in the universe. Therefore, The Chariot represents Christmas Present to me by reminding me of the greater good that comes during this period of darkness. It reminds me that while things seem to be moving rather fast, it’s okay to pause and look around and enjoy what I think the true meaning of the season is.

What is everyone else doing for Yule? What does your Christmas Present mean to you? Please let me know in the comments below. Thank you for visiting my house on this dark Yule morning. To continue on with the Tarot Blog Hpp, please visit Chloe McCracken’s site.

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