Products to Fuel Your Tarot Inspired Life

NOTICE: As of 16/DEC/2013 I have closed my etsy shop. I feel that selling products was taking away from the core of my mission which is to provide fun, co-creative, inspiring tarot readings that help my clients. If you would like any of these products, email me and I’ll make a custom item for you.

I don’t just read the cards. I incorporate them into a whole tarot-based life style. And now you can to. I have an ETSY store where you can find the following products to help you fuel your tarot passions:

Custom and Pre-made Tarot Cases
I crochet tarot bags for most deck sizes in two different flavors. Site shows current stock and quantities, although I’m always finding new yarns and fimo clay colors to play with. Email me there or here if you would like a custom cozy for your deck!

Pre-made and Custom length Tarot Card Stands
Inspired from the need to have a stand on my altar where I could store cards for long meditations and tarot-based workings, I created these stands that are perfect for placing one to three cards. Custom sizing, wood, varnishes and sealants available!

Tarot Journals
Tarot and journalling are made for each other. This line includes three types of journals to record your thoughts down. I have designs that fit my tarot slip cases. Longer sized ones that double as a bookmark, and softcover square books that can record many readings or knowledge.