Presenting at Columbia Community Campout August 2014

May 8, 2014

I’m proud to also announce that I’ll be teaching two classes at the Columbia Campout Festival this August. Embodying the Archetypes Join the Tarot Reality Show experience. Embodying the Archetypes uses a guided meditation that allows participants to “become” one of the major arcana archetypes. Once the participants have embodied their chosen card, host Jaymi […]

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Tarot for the Curious on May 25th

May 2, 2014

Greetings everyone, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be teaching Tarot for the Curious May 25th for the Women of Intuitive Wisdom group. This class is perfect for learning a bit about what tarot is and how it works. Come demystify yourself and see the true power of tarot. WHERE: Ellsworth on the Park Clubhouse […]

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Review: Everyday Tarot Archives: LIVING the Major Arcana

April 17, 2014

Everyday Tarot Archives: LIVING the Major Arcana by Dixie Vogel Self published, 2012 Rating: 2 Decks Disclaimer: Dixie Vogel gave me a free ePub of her book in 2012 in exchange for an honest review. Despite the fact that it took me forever to read and review this book, here’s my review. (Added after contacting […]

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Review: Best Tarot Practices

April 16, 2014

Best Tarot Practices by Marcia Masino Weiser Press, 2009 Rating: 3 Decks Marcia Masino’s book, Best Tarot Practices, blends the author’s personal life-long journey with tarot, practical exercises, and meditations to round out a self-study course on reading tarot and uncovering the skills you’ll need to become a proficient reader. Masino guides you by breaking […]

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Presenting at 2015 NW Tarot Symposium

April 15, 2014

I’m excited to announce that I was selected as a presenter for the 2015 (and FIRST!) NorthWest Tarot Symposium. This tarot conference is being hosted by local metaphysical publishing house, Devera Publishing. They’re the makers of the Tarot Learning Card Decks, among other learning tool packages. My class, Tarot and Creative Writing, was accepted into […]

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