BATS report: Day One

August 23, 2014

Up at 7am feeling refreshed for minion duty. Spent most of the morning doing registration, running around, and orders for Tarot Media Company. My card of the day is “Page of Cups” and upon reflection we (RoseRed and Drew) have decided that I am to help others as well as be a fantasy ideal for […]

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And BATS is upon us

August 22, 2014

In just a few hours, I will depart with RoseRed and Drew. We’re hitting the road and driving down to the DoubleTree Hotel where SFBATS is going on. Tonight we’ll chat with fellow attendees, catch up on what’s cool and new over the past year and have lots of laughs. Today’s draw is the King […]

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Up, Up, and Away!

August 21, 2014

I’m sitting in PDX, at my gate. Today’s the big day! In just under an hour or so, I head down to the Bay Area. Today’s card is the 6 of Pentacles. It reminds me of keeping a good attitude in the face of adversity. The TSA detained my bag due to my electronic wizardry […]

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Countdown to BATS, Day Twenty

August 20, 2014

Today’s card is The Devil. I drew him last night to prep for today’s post and I’m honestly not surprised. I pushed myself quite hard yesterday with getting lots of creative stuff done. Woke up this morning to a runny nose and no energy. The Devil reminds me to give into laziness and allow myself […]

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Countdown to BATS, Day Nineteen

August 19, 2014

Today’s draw is the 3 of Swords. Typically a card of heartbreak and soreness, I see this card as a reminder to ground and balance myself while I’m away. I’ll be leaving behind my three cats and my husband and I’ll miss them all dearly. While I’ll be having tons of fun with my friends […]

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