Musings on the Mayans

A lot is going on about the Mayans and the end of their calendar. I’ve even had a few friends asking me what the Tarot thinks of it all. Here’s my response:

What should i be aware of for December 21st?
The Wheel of Fortune. The date, just like any other solstice, reminds us of another spinning of the wheel. This turn brings us from Autumn to Winter and the world, will continue passing from season to season.

What will come out of this?
The Nine of Cups. People will make whatever they want out of it. Some people, those who are spiritually minded, look to this change as if it will bring some deeper change on a metaphysical level. Most will see it as just another day and continue their daily patterns.

Anything else we should know?
Ace of Cups. No matter what happens on this date, the end of this calendar heralds a new emotional cycle. The Ace designates a beginning of a new cycle, and this is a new era.

The fact that there are two cups cards and one major arcana suggests that this date is an emotionally and somewhat spiritually charged. However, since there are no swords, wands, or coins… I’m confident that this isn’t the end of everything.

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