About Inner Compass

Jaymi Elford, Tarot CoachInner Compass Tarot Coaching offers creative, fun, open-minded, practical dialogs to help clarify the chaos and confusion in your life. These readings give you reassurance as we co-create personalized maps for use in achieving your goals, dreams, and desires. Inner Compass is the culmination of twenty years spent playing with the Tarot to find wisdom, gain insight, and take inspired steps toward the future you were meant to live. This site contains all the info you need to get started in having the cards read for you.

jaymi “innowen” elford has been playing with Tarot for 25 years. The cards are her constant companions and she keeps one deck near her at all times. Tarot is the one thing she’d carry with her to a desert island. Divination curious, she’s also exploring the Lenormand and how to integrate other systems into Tarot readings.

Living a Tarot inspired life, Jaymi can be found around Portland, OR writing on her computer, reading Tarot for clients, and hanging with her husband and their three cats. She is ordained by the Universal Life Church and holds a Level 2 Transformative Tarot Counseling certificate from Katrina Wynne. She’s attended and taught at several Tarot Conventions around the US. She’s studied with James Wells and other renown instructors. In addition to experimenting with Tarot, Jaymi teaches classes and writes essays and books on Tarot and other metaphysical subjects. She’s currently working on her first book on tarot, entitled Tarot Inspired Life.

Some might say I’m a little obsessed with tarot decks and books. I use Tarot to gain insight or advice, as well as explore how I can integrate the cards into as many aspects of my life. They’re my creative writing companion; I use them to brainstorm and mind map projects and life plans; and I play games with them.

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