2018, A Spread

2018 at a glance. click to embiggen

I went a bit overboard with my 2018 spread. To be fair, though, I wanted to kick things off “right” and to solidify tarot as a prominent figure each day of the new year. Hence, the 36-card, 3 deck spread thing. Go ahead and laugh… it’s okay. It was a great idea; however, I haven’t really had the post-spread care time to dump into making all the connections for this beast yet. The cards still sit on my desk. This post is an attempt to summarize the whole shebang. Each month, I’ll post a detailed overview of each set of 3 cards and how I think they’ll influence the month.

I mentioned on Tarot Visions how this spread was in homage to my friend, Jennifer Diallo. She’s combined tarot and oracle decks in beautiful ways so they give clarity and bring helper aspects to her clients life. This is a modified version of what she does. The first deck, The Enchanted Map, by Colette Baron-Reid, sets the thematic stage of each month. I saw this card as what to focus on for each reading. The second deck, my Triple Goddess Tarot drawn by the wonderful Franco Rivolli, gives me the details on how the theme should be accomplished. Finally, the last deck, Spirit Cats by Nicole Piar, give me a cute “spirit guide” whose energies can help me keep the focus.

As you can see from the image, doing a reading this size can get out of hand. However, this is just an overview post (and I’ll come back to this index to link each month as I go along), so I’ll leave the interpretations for later. However, as you look at the image and read the month’s cards, notice the patterns. Some cards seem to be colored similarly. Some names are close on others. All of these overarching items help out in a reading.


theme: #47 sacred pool

how: the sun

helper: guardian


theme:  #22 intension

how: 2 of Swords

helper: night magic


theme: #18 magic stream

how: King of Wands

helper: flow


theme: #12 slow and steady

how: judgement

helper: warrior


theme: #33 peaks of joy

how: magician

helper: seeker


theme: #3 wizard of awareness

how: Knight of Swords

helper: patience


theme: #3 rock bottom

how: tower

helper: majesty


theme: #35 education

how: 8 of swords

helper: cuddles


theme: #27 home

how: 4 of cups

helper: unconditional love


theme: #48 wishing well

how: wheel of fortune

helper: mystery


theme: #11 balancing act

how: 8 of pentacles

helper: passion


theme: #8 come together

how: knight of cups

helper: balance


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