Looking for Answers to Life’s Questions?

by innowen on March 4, 2010

Whether you’re looking for a deeper insight into what the universe has in store for you in matters of the heart or guidance on money and your career, the tarot is a powerful tool for tapping into a greater wisdom, and for finding the next steps to take on your personal journey forward.

You, my friend, have come to the right place.

Here at Inner Compass, you’ll find reading tips, deck and book reviews, new and interesting ways to use your tarot cards, and a host of information on living a tarot inspired life.

I’m jaymi “innowen” elford and I read tarot. Inner Compass Tarot offers creative, fun, open-minded, practical dialogs that help you clarify the chaos and confusion in your life. My readings give reassurance as we co-create custom roadmaps to achieve your goals. Inner Compass is the culmination of twenty years of playing with the tarot to find wisdom, gain insight, and take inspired steps toward the future you were meant to live.

Welcome to Inner Compass.

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Everyday Tarot Archives: LIVING the Major Arcana by Dixie Vogel
Self published, 2012
Rating: 2 Decks

Disclaimer: Dixie Vogel gave me a free ePub of her book in 2012 in exchange for an honest review. Despite the fact that it took me forever to read and review this book, here’s my review. (Added after contacting the author: Dixie and I have been chatting via email and she told me that since this version came out, she’s gone back and revised the book a bit. She even added all the minor arcana cards. Her goal for this volume was to see if she could publish a book and obviously, she succeeded in that goal. I applaud her for having gotten something out and for continuing to write and share it with the world.)

I have a hard time with books that have been converted from blog posts. While I love reading short articles focused around my favorite interests (tarot, decluttering, games, productivity, etc.) they’re usually a hit or miss deal. The same thing holds true for this volume. Dixie Vogel collected some of her articles from her blog “A Fool’s Journey” and converted them to this book. She goes through each card and then gives her personal opinion and story to go along with each of the major arcana cards.

What I liked: I love reading personal stories that connect the cards to the reality of one’s life. This book covers that in spades. Vogel writes poignant articles connecting each card, Astrology, and her family and life. I like that she also includes reversed cards and how they relate to her world as well. In some cases Vogel selected two articles to reflect a single card. At the end of each essay, she poses a wonderful question that helps the reader delve into their own connection to the card. Seeing these questions alone excited me because it actually gave the book a push away from being “yet another blog to book” conversion.

Where I had problems: Like I stated in my introduction, blog to book articles aren’t the same thing. There are many inside things in Vogel’s articles that I had issues following. I’m a huge tarot buff but when it comes to connecting the Astrology in general and to tarot, I need a lot of hand-holding and explanation. When I read an article that talks about the planet or sign’s effect on a person, I expect them to tell me more about that planet, how this relates to the card and to the story they’re telling. This book fell flat in that department. Due to this nature, and some of the awkwardness of the prose, it was very hard for me to read and want to keep reading, despite the amazing insights into the cards Vogel has. (This is also why the book received the GoodReads two-star review for “it’s okay”). The inconsistency of the formatting and the loose editing was apparent throughout the eBook.

Bottom Line: If you are bored and want to read a quick personal read on how people relate to each tarot card, then this is your book. The questions at the end of each section are great to use for exploring your own connections to the cards as well.


Review: Best Tarot Practices

April 16, 2014

Best Tarot Practices by Marcia Masino Weiser Press, 2009 Rating: 3 Decks Marcia Masino’s book, Best Tarot Practices, blends the author’s personal life-long journey with tarot, practical exercises, and meditations to round out a self-study course on reading tarot and uncovering the skills you’ll need to become a proficient reader. Masino guides you by breaking […]

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Presenting at 2015 NW Tarot Symposium

April 15, 2014

I’m excited to announce that I was selected as a presenter for the 2015 (and FIRST!) NorthWest Tarot Symposium. This tarot conference is being hosted by local metaphysical publishing house, Devera Publishing. They’re the makers of the Tarot Learning Card Decks, among other learning tool packages. My class, Tarot and Creative Writing, was accepted into […]

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Musings on keeping a tarot journal

March 20, 2014

Over the past two days, I’ve been going through my tarot and writing playbooks. These disc-bound notebooks contain notes on my business ideas, Works In Process, and other important list and notes that have action items attached to them. I keep them nearby my writing nook and they help keep my ideas written down and […]

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Deck Review: The Incidental Tarot by Holly DeFount

March 18, 2014

Self published and available through theincidentaltarot.com ISBN 978-0-615-56475-3 Rating: 4 Decks The Cards and Artwork The Incidental Tarot took me by surprise. I’m not big of “marseilles style” tarots (decks where the images on the minor numbered cards depict little more than just the suit’s symbol and number and no reference picture) and my first […]

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